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Ad-Sense WordPress Theme

Best WordPress blog theme for earning. You want to earn more money from ads on your website. Ad-Sense WordPress theme is the one of the best for you.


Ad-Sense WordPress Theme is the most friendly , ad placement, ad blocker, better advertisement management and lot of feature. Ad-Sense WordPress Theme is multi language support , Widget and SEO ready.

There are more than 700 million ad blocking devices in the world and that includes tablets, computer and mobile. Theme detects of ad blocking software on a visitor’s device and that triggers a popup asking them to stop blocking ads. You can even set it up to hide your content until they white list your website. This is perfectly logical and will result in increased ad revenue on your website.Simply turn on ad detection and let the theme do its thing.

In addition, the theme has optimized ad locations built-in and many other ad management options so you can really maximise your earnings.

I am in stock market nearly 7 years. I have a experience in stock market technical analysis. Learning purpose here i share my market information and technical calls.

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