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Ammyy Admin – Free remote software download

 mmyy Admin – is a good way to sharing file system to system.

If you are looking  light weight fast and easy way to share your desktop to another desktop ammyy admin software is a very good software.

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 Click download button the software will download now. After download run the software  small window open. Window will display two partion. Left partion display your id and right partion display Client ID/IP . If you want to connect other system
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just download the same software.

Easy to connect the remote control. Now you will get other system your ID enter in your ammyy software right side display a client id and enter. Now the software process to connect the other desktop. Opposite side desktop ask to confirmation for connect the remote desktop. Opposite side desktop given the accept it will display  the remote pc. Now you will take the control of the system. Enjoy the remote software.

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