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Forthcoming Important Stock for Intraday Trading

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Symbol Company Series Face Value(Rs.) Purpose Ex-Date Record Date BC Start Date BC End Date
SBILIFE SBI Life Insurance Company Limited EQ 10  Interim Dividend – Rs 2 Per Share (Purpose Revised) 3-Apr-18 4-Apr-18
AIAENG AIA Engineering Limited EQ 2  Interim Dividend Rs 8/- Per Share (Purpose Revised) 4-Apr-18 5-Apr-18
ADANIENT Adani Enterprises Limited EQ 1  Scheme Of Arrangement 5-Apr-18 6-Apr-18
GOCLCORP GOCL Corporation Limited EQ 2  Interim Dividend – Rs 1.60 Per Share 5-Apr-18 6-Apr-18
MAANALU Maan Aluminium Limited EQ 10  Interim Dividend – Re 1  Per Share (Purpose Revised) 5-Apr-18 6-Apr-18
MARATHON Marathon Nextgen Realty Limited EQ 10  Face Value Split (Sub-Division) – From Rs 10/- Per Share To Rs 5/- Per Share 5-Apr-18 6-Apr-18
AMBUJACEM Ambuja Cements Limited EQ 2  Dividend – Rs 2 Per Share 5-Apr-18 9-Apr-18 13-Apr-18
STAR Strides Shasun Limited EQ 10  Scheme Of Arrangement 6-Apr-18 9-Apr-18
SEQUENT Sequent Scientific Limited EQ 2  Scheme Of Arrangement 6-Apr-18 9-Apr-18
LINDEINDIA Linde India Limited EQ 10  Annual General Meeting/ Dividend – Re 1 Per Share 6-Apr-18 10-Apr-18 16-Apr-18
VBL Varun Beverages Limited EQ 10  Annual General Meeting 6-Apr-18 10-Apr-18 17-Apr-18
SCHAEFFLER Schaeffler India Limited EQ 10  Annual General Meeting/ Dividend – Rs 17 Per Share 9-Apr-18 11-Apr-18 16-Apr-18
MAHINDCIE Mahindra CIE Automotive Limited EQ 10  Annual General Meeting #### 13-Apr-18 19-Apr-18
KSBPUMPS KSB Pumps Limited EQ 10  Annual General Meeting/ Dividend – Rs 6 Per Share #### 15-Apr-18 25-Apr-18
CASTROLIND Castrol India Limited EQ 5  Annual General Meeting/Dividend – Rs 2.50 Per Share #### 27-Apr-18 3-May-18
SANOFI Sanofi India Limited EQ 10  Annual General Meeting/ Dividend – Rs 53 Per Share #### 1-May-18 8-May-18
ABB ABB India Limited EQ 2  Annual General Meeting/ Dividend – Rs 4.40 Per Share #### 3-May-18 9-May-18
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