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Maxthon Cloud Browser Beta Free Download

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Maxthon Cloud Browser is a highly customizable interface and it is a powerful web browser. Maxthon Cloud Browser has multiple option and more flexible tool and more enjoyable, browser has a screen capture tool, resource sniffer, cloud and night mode functionality.

File Size : 39.23 MB

Maxthon Cloud changing browser tool bars, menus, skins, icon, layouts and colors and you can customizable moving, swapping and adding.

This tool will block pages, harmful ads and images. The filter packs screen out offensive web pages. Maxthon Cloud Browser available 1400 plugins. Maxthon cloud Browser bookmarks, tabs, new tab links and address bar.

Maxthon Cloud Browser is a freeware software and it is a multi languages software. It is working all windows operating software.

Download Link : Click Here


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