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Nifty Trend coming days

Nifty spot now trade at 10700. Quarter result announce by companies may month,so nifty always moving up and down.

My expectations is Nifty possible to uptrend. Short term based and long term based Nifty tren given below.

Short Term Trend

Short term Nifty possible to raise below mention level. You can maintain small stop loss based. Now trade at 10700, here buy Nifty index and accumulate the Nifty index at 10500 level also.

Nifty Spot now 10700 sl 10450 Target 10950 / 11100.

Long Term Nifty

Nifty Now trade at 10700 , so I given buy this level and if down you can accumulate or watch level based and buy when it is come down you buy the index Future mention stop loss closing nifty spot based.


Buy Nifty spot at 10700 sl 9640 Target 11000 / 11400 / 11700 / 12000 / 12300.


Mention advise educational purpose not for investment. If you want to invest please consult SEBI registered members.

I am in stock market nearly 7 years. I have a experience in stock market technical analysis. Learning purpose here i share my market information and technical calls.

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