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ONGC Stock Technical Analysis

Equity Option Calls

ONGC stock today closed at 165, stock 4.5% raised. Stock now uptrend but still not confirm level in buying. Buy stock when stock closed 174 above 3 consecutive close stock up move possible. Stock buying trend not sure now , but selling with small stop loss or Take PE option will give good profit.

ONGC stock technical analysis still selling zone only. If 174 above not move stock continue fall available. Sell the stock with small stop loss.

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ONGC Stock Technical Analysis

Selling Zone Stock View With Small stop Loss

Sell ONGC at 165 Sl 175 Target 120 . #Shortterm

ONGC stock coming days small up trend. Now trade at 165 stock upmove 170 level and move 178 and 185 possible. When stock 3 consecutive close above 174 only take long term call.

 Short term Stock View

Buy #ONGC at 165 accumulate buy at 155 sl 148 Target 170 /178 / 185. #Shortterm

Long Term View

Buy ONGC at 165 sl 140 Target 190 / 230 . #Longterm

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