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Playbook WordPress Theme Free Download

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Playbook is a Traditional theme and dual column post layout. it is a 100% free theme. Playbook is a responsive theme and best optional panel, Custom Widget, SEO optimization.

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Comfortable with

Version                  : 1.0

WordPress             : 4.0

Responsive            : Yes

Translation            : Yes

SEO Ready             : Yes

Multi Languages   : Yes

Widget                    : Yes


Cost : 100% Free theme. Download Playbook WordPress Theme and use any sites.

Layout : Premium style MyThemeShop layout not given this theme because it is a free WordPress theme.

SEO Optimised : SEO optimising almost available in WordPress theme. Free theme maximum not given SEO optimising but MyThemeShop theme always given SEO optimising.

Optional Panel : MyThemeShop theme always have a optional panel no exceptional for free theme also. Playbook also have a optional panel.

Custom Widget : Custom Widget option available in Playbook Theme. You don’t need to add any plug-in.

Responsive : Playbook WordPress theme most responsive theme and it working comfortable with all devices and all browsers.

RTL Support : RTL Support not available in Playbook WordPress theme.

Backgrounds : Optional panel have option for background change option. You will change more background and Textures with unlimited color schemes in Playbook WordPress theme.

Color Schemes : Unlimited color schemes available in Playbook WordPress Theme.

Translation : Translation option available in Playbook Theme. Easy to reach global visitor.

HTML 5 CSS3 : HTML 5 and CSS3 hand coded markup latest available in Playbook WordPress  theme.

Related Post : Related post option available in Playbook WordPress Theme. It will help for more page views generate and you will get more revenue from advertising company.

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