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State bank of India Q3 Result


India largest public sector bank state bank of India today released third quarter result. Third quarter result profit raised 30.3% you to Rs 2910 cr. State bank of India this quarter result impact in market sbi shares raised 6.6%.

Last year state bank of India same quarter net interest income is Rs 12640 cr compare this same quarter sbi net interest income raised 9% to Rs 13777 cr.

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Sbi says deposits raise 7.3% yearly basis and last yeardeposit Rs 12.33 lakhs jumped 15.1 lakhs

State bank of India other income raised 24.3% to Rs 5237.80 cr year on y ear quarter result. Operating profit grow also 22% to Rs 9294.5 cr.

NPA for this quarter 2.80% it will raise last quarter compare, last quarter NPA respect 2.73%. But year on year compare last year NPA is 3.24% declined compare this quarter.

Closing market state bank of India share price closed at 306.95 move up 7.97% 22.65 point up.


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