Equity Future Calls


ITC stock now trade at 320 level. Stock now available buying trend. If stock down again accumulate 305 level Buy #ITC #Short_term Advisable Short Term Buy ITC at 320 sl 295 Target 335/345. Advisable Long Term Buy ITC at 320 sl 255 Target 335/345/395. Stoploss Stop loss price closing price based, not intraday price based.


Buy Auropharma

Auro pharma stock now trade at 612. Stock possible to move up trend . Today low 608. I think down is complete . Buy #Auropharma #Intraday #short_term Advisable Buy Autopharma at 612 sl 595 target 660. Stop loss closing based.


Buy Sun Pharma

Sun Pharma stock now trade and close 568.5 . Stock now positive trend. Buy the stock 568 level and accumulate 545/550 level. Buy #Sunpharma #Short_Term Advisable Buy Sunpharma 568 sl 530 Target 620. Stop loss closing price based.  2n and 3 rd target stop loss different here mention. 1 st target stop loss only available […]



DHFL stock now trade at 600.50 . Stock possible to down small level. Stock small down trend possible it is not continue . DHFl stock taking support level in this down trend. Sell #DHFL #Intraday #Short_Term Advisable Sell DHFL at 610 sl 622 Target 560. Stop loss price closing based.