Closure of wholly owned Overseas Subsidiary at Ghana viz. Bank of Baroda (Ghana) Ltd

Bank of Baroda

We refer to our letter no BCC:ISD:110:16:527 dated 05th December 2018, whereby decision in respect of sale of business / closure of Overseas Subsidiary at Ghana was advised.

We further advise in the matter that Bank of Baroda (Ghana) Ltd. has surrendered its Banking License to the Host Country Regulator at Ghana viz. Bank of Ghana and the Registrar of the Company, Ghana vide letter dated 11th June 2020, has informed that pursuant to Section 260 (1) of the Companies Act (Act 179), the name of Bank of Baroda (Ghana) Ltd. has been struck off from the register of companies and the said company is dissolved. Moreover, notice has been submitted to the Ghana Publishing Corporation for publishing the same in the next Gazette.

We request you to take note of the above pursuant to Regulation 30 of SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015 and upload the information on your website.

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