Price breakout stocks to buy now

Technical Level - Charts

Breakout level based stock moved immediately and give good profit.Some breakout stock chart given below.


Today stock closed at 101.95. Stock closed above 103 possible to move 120 range and above possible.


DIC India Ltd

DIC India Ltd stock today closed at 389. Here chart breakout mention 397 range. If break above 397 possible to move 450 range.


ITC Limited

ITC Limited today closed at 204.30. ITC Stock short term based buy call already given by me. Read it and below chart breakout mention 210 above. Wait for opportunities and use the level.


Jubilant Industries Limited

Stock Jubilant Industries today closed at 155.10. Already stock trade breakout level above only.

Lux Industries Ltd

Lux industries break the level and trade above only. Today stock closed at 1304.

Mazda Limited

Stock now level break with good volume. Mazda Limited stock today closed at 345.

Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited( #MIDHANI )

MIDHANI today closed at 212.30. Stock break and close above trend line. Another jump available short period.

Nesco Limted

Level breakout with good volume. Nesco Trendline breakout based good movement and today closed at 507.95.


Quick Heal Technologies Limited ( #Quickheal )

Quickheal today closed at 134 and waiting for breakout. Watch and entry the stock breakout based.


State Bank of India( #SBIN )

SBIN today closed at 203.50 . Breakout with good volume.


Tejas Network Limited( #TEJASNET )

Tejasnet today closed at 70.35. Stock already trend line breakout.

Thanks to MM Technical for sharing breakout levels.

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