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What is the meaning in Intraday Trading

Intraday is the most popular words in stock market. Most of demat account holder hearing words Intraday. Intraday trading most of the account holder doing in Cash and Future derivative market. Intraday trading means day trading and buy and sell the share or derivative in same day.

Intraday trading done in same day or same minutes or one hour or two hour it will happen trader different profit percentage based. Profit based means some trader booked small profit and some trader booked huge profit.


Research analysis call given below for sample

Buy SBIN 245 sl 238 Target 255

Buy the stock 245 level and it is move up you can exit 250 or 255 level. It is called book profit. If it is down exit 238 level it is stop loss level. Stop loss level means you can exit minimum loss or other wise after sl hit may down too much so we exit at stop loss it is safe for trader.

Broking Company

Now a days broking Company reduced brokerage intraday and delivery trading. Standard Broking company maintain same brokerage some time they also given brokerage discount offer.

Standard brokerage in Intraday – 0.075% (0.05%)

Lowest brokerage given new broking Company and new broking co.pang is not standing in market because they are not getting biggest profit in market. They charge lowest brokerage like 10 Rs per trade, Unlimited buy and sell monthly Pay Rs 1000.

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